Shakti turban - printed

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The colourful paisley print forms the biggest series of the season. The rather naive paisley print, on the black base, is slightly different to the paisleys we’ve previously made for you. But the stunning colours and large objects forms a perfect result.
With its deep red colours, pale purple, and cream tones, it such a commercial and lovable print.


The Shakti turban is made in a soft knitted linen quality and has a semi-attached headband. On this one the headband is printed black on the one side. The band will give the turban a calmer look, if you smooth it out over the front of the turban.


- Turban with semi-attached headband
- Holes / openings at the headband in the neck which are used to style the headband with
- Easy to put on and style
- Soft and comfortable linen quality with Catetech® Bamboo lining

Weitere Informationen
Farbe Modern Paisley
Komposition 95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex